K-M Drama Summer Camp | August 2022



The Drama Summer Camp will be happening on August 6th, 2022. The high school students have worked hard to put together an amazing day. Children going into the 5th-9th grade are able to sign up as campers. The fee for the day is $15 per camper. It will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. Campers will need to bring a sack lunch, snack and a refillable water bottle to use throughout the day. Dinner will be Domino's pizza provided by the camp. There will be classes offered in every area of the theater. The day will be broken into different blocks of equal time and the students will be able to choose what class they want to attend during that time period. Five parent volunteers will ensure every student is in a class and safe at all times.

The day will end with a skit written and performed by the high schoolers. It will incorporate different aspects of the camp and be a fun way to end the day!

Every camper once arriving will be provided a name tag and a packet. In the packet, there will be a schedule of the day, a map of the school, and contact information for emergencies.

All teachers are high school drama students and will be wearing the camp t-shirts and a name tag. All parent volunteers will also be wearing a show shirt of their choice and a name tag. All campers will be introduced to the instructors at the beginning of the day with a meeting in the PAC. The instructors will go over the plan for the day and how to read the packet so every student is more comfortable with the day. Spare packets will be printed and provided as well as name tags for those who lose them.

All classes will be taught in the PAC, Music department, or The District Office Meeting Room M109 at the high school.

List of classes offered

(updated 6/15/22)

  • Theatre Games - Fun games and activities to get comfortable acting in front of others and connecting with your cast. Lead teacher: Taylor Godbout

  • Basics of Dance - Learn the basic skills of dance with fun Broadway songs. Also gain valuable choreography skills for future musical shows. Lead teacher: Hannah Olson

  • Set Design - Learn how amazing sets are made starting with sketching to seeing them come to life. Lead teacher: Ian Kujath

  • Improv Acting - Learn improvisation skills when things go wrong on stage. Have fun thinking on your feet and using your critical thinking skills. Lead teacher: Brenden Wilkins

  • Behind the Scenes PAC Tour - See the full performing arts center for yourself. With instructors explaining what every member of the crew does and how everything backstage works. Lead Teacher: JJ Ogilvie

  • Character Build-Up - Learn how to build your character emotionally and physically. Have fun exploring how to express your lines. Lead Teacher:Taylor Godbout

  • Extreme Dance - Learn exact choreography from broadway shows and sharpen your dance abilities. Lead Teacher: Hannah Olson

  • Face Paint - Explore different facepainting and makeup skills similar to the makeup in Lion King and seen in Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Lead Teacher: Paige Vogel

  • Body Acting - Learn how your body affects your character through games and other fun activities. Lead Teacher: Addie Fosland

  • Singing Onstage 101 - Learn a variety of singing techniques to make on stage singing fun and enjoyable. Lead Teacher: Evy Lindstrom

  • Prop Improv - Have fun learning how to act with the wrong props or no props in this hilarious and educational class. Lead Teacher: Taylor Godbout

  • Figure Drawing for Fashion Design - Learn how to design characters and their costumes. Lead Teacher: Hanna Herfindahl-Quint

  • Acting Through Song - Learn tips and tricks with acting while singing. Have fun staying in character in songs and learning how to perform with emotion. Lead Teacher : Kaiden Beliveau

  • Set Building - Learn some basics in building and safety with hands-on learning on set construction. Lead Teacher: Ian Kujath

  • Sound Board 101 - Learn how our Performing Arts Center sound board works while exploring microphones and sound effects. Lead Teacher: Callia Fosland

  • Fashion Through the Decades Competition - Learn about fashion in different decades then have a fun competition to see who can make the best decade inspired outfit. Lead Teacher: Hanna Herfindahl-Quint

  • Set Painting - Paint a set, and have fun learning different techniques to create dimension and detail. Lead Teacher: Hannah Olson

  • Actions and Reactions- Acting to different scenes, jump-in actors, and laughter from your other castmates. Lead Teacher : Addie Fosland

  • Lighting Special Effects- Learn about the interesting ways lights can play tricks on the audience's mind. Lead Teacher :JJ Ogilvie

  • Script Writing - Learn about how to write a script and perform your writing for each other. Lead Teacher: Ian Kujath

  • Newspaper Dress Class - Learn how to make a dress out of newspaper with a mix of instruction and creativity. Lead Teacher :Hannah Olson

  • Belting 101 - How to use the most useful singing technique in theater healthily. While singing your heart out to your favorite Broadway and Disney songs. Lead Teacher :Kaiden Beliveau

  • One Mind Acting - Learn about an interesting skill to unite a cast used in the high school one acts. Lead Teacher: Addie Fosland

  • Lighting 101 - How to run the light board in the Performing Arts Center while exploring different coloring techniques. Lead Teacher: JJ Ogilvie

  • Improv Acting - Learn improvisation skills when things go wrong on stage. Have fun thinking on your feet and using your critical thinking skills. Lead Teacher: Brenden Wilkins

  • Theatre Games - Fun games and activities to get comfortable acting in front of others and connecting with your cast. Lead Teacher :Taylor Godbout

  • Jitterbug Workshop - Get ready for an exciting dance number in the WIzard of Oz by learning how to Jitterbug dance. Lead Teacher: Hanna Herfindahl-Quint

  • SFX Gore - Learn interesting gore makeup techniques using fake blood and realistic scars. Lead Teacher: Paige Vogel

  • Audition Prep - Learn how to prepare for auditions with singing, acting, and stress relief techniques to ensure you have the best audition you can. Lead Teacher: Evy Lindstrom

  • Sound Effects - *BOOM* Learn about all the ways sound effects are made and played in the Performing Arts Center. Lead Teacher: Callia Fosland

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